Legitimate Online Business Opportunity

The web is filled with offers of internet home businesses products. They offer you the possibility to become rich quick and easy. The truth is that most of these products are scams, and they are designed to take your money. Also, the demand for this products has grown substantially. The reason for this, is that people are desperately seeking ways to make extra money online. It is then that scammers take advantage of the situation, and make their products available to the public. It is very easy to put an eBook together and sell it online as a money making system.

Learn how to tell which offers are Internet Scams and which are not by learning the following important tips to approach internet home business offers:

1. Realize when you are being lied to. Always have in mind that scammers are masters in persuasive writing. Their flashy webpages are designed to catch your attention easily.

2. Scammers are doing everything they can to seduce you into buying their products. Excellent sales techniques lead people into taking action and buying their products without taking the time to do necessary research. Tempting offers like: “limited time only” or “50% off in the next 10 minutes”, seduce buyers into taking immediate action.

3. Effective use of testimonials. Even though its illegal, most testimonials are fabricated. Look for testimonials with pictures of normal looking individuals. Professional, studio looking pictures are likely to be fabricated. Then look for signatures with full names and states of residence. Those signed with initials are also likely to be fabricated.

4. The use of the word Certified. This word is highly used because of its power to increase sales. There are some legitimate rating organizations that protect customers from online fraud. It is time consuming to find out which ones are real and which ones are not, through research. Unless you trust the rating organization, don’t be influenced into buying when this word is used.

5. Deceptive websites. Scammers put pictures of their mansions, cars, and boats next to the products they are trying to sell. They do this in order to make you believe they achieved a luxury lifestyle thanks to the products they are trying to sell to you. 6. Refund. This offering is the most effective selling technique and is used by scammers every time. After being seduced into buying, the possibility of getting your money back, usually seals the deal. “Clickbank”, and “Secured Pay”are the oldest and most respected payment methods on the internet. Always use a secure payment through either of this two methods.

Legitimate Online Business Ideas

What is it that everybody wants but very few of us have? Money seems so hard to earn these days with tax deductions, low hourly pay, and inflexible hours. Especially for people who have just been pushed out into the cold world of business and work with nowhere to go, and no ideas. What if you didn’t have to leave your house? Before your mind wanders any farther I’m here to tell you that the answer is not a “make $20,000 a month” scheme. It’s simply a legitimate survey site. A legitimate survey site will not only give you the chance to make a couple thousand extra a month, you are bound to make more from generous 2 tier referral systems (which most survey sites include). Some people see these referrals as a pyramid scheme which would make sense despite the fact that it’s absolutely they are absolutely free to sign up for.

Making money from surveys has only been around for the past couple of years, which evidently is why many people have never heard of such a thing. Legitimate online money making opportunities can be found when searching for “best GPT sites” or “legitimate online money making programs” in a search engine such as Google. Though these legitimate survey sites can be found almost everywhere when search terms like the previous are applies, finding reputable sites that actually pay out becomes increasingly difficult. Many times when making money from surveys, patience is needed. You’ll find many that promise hundreds of thousands to you each month-a deal both you and me no they could never keep.

So what exactly are they after all? Legitimate survey sites are easily one of the quickest ways to make extra cash in the safety of your own home. Basically what is wanted is simply information, information you can supply. They want to know every aspect of the consumers opinion and are willing to pay them to get it. Questions are mainly involved in everyday subjects like the brand name of soda you prefer, what kinds of topping you like best on your pizza, and who the primary grocery shopper of the house is. This is the beauty of a legitimate surveys site; they’re easy, zero costs or start up fees, no strings tied. The best part is, these legitimate online money making opportunities, or what ever you’d like to call them usually function worldwide. At least the ones I know do, and they have age requirements of only 13. The cool thing is, by starting now you’re setting up an extra source of pocket money for the future. A new generation of money making awaits us, what’s stopping you?

Legitimate Online Business

The internet is filled with identity thieves, fraudsters and scammers lurking in wait for unsuspecting persons looking for a way to make money online. In fact, an internet search for ‘make money online’ turns up millions of results. Internet scammers play on people’s naivety, desperation and lack of information, to rip them off. There are legitimate business ideas online – but finding them requires research, diligence, patience and healthy dose of skepticism before one commits to them.

There are certain things one can look out for when trying to distinguish between a genuine business idea and a scam. As a general rule of thumb, if it seems too good to be true, then there is a high probability that it is not true. Scams always play a psychological game of tempt one with rapid and attractive returns. They take advantage of people’s drive to succeed.

Thus any online business idea that promises an unusual return over a short period of time and with relatively little commitment on your part is something you would want to steer clear of. A genuine business idea must be realistic. One of the questions you should ask yourself is how is it that you will immediately start to earn five or six times your current salary, with virtually no effort, nor any technical training?

If a business idea does not make sense or if the logic on how the money is made is difficult to follow, then it is probably a scam. Do not fall for the hype or sign up because of a ‘one time offer’. When it comes to starting a business, do not move with haste. There is no cause for urgency. If you come across an idea that interests you, take time to understand it before committing your money. Consult friends and family to get a more objective view point.

Does the site fronting the business idea have contact details prominently displayed on the site? If it does, what kinds of details are available? If the only means of contacting the vendor is an email address or a contact form, you should tread carefully.

A physical address and telephone number always adds legitimacy to an online business as it shows that the vendor has nothing to hide and can be held accountable if anything goes wrong. That said, the physical address should not be the only thing that determines your eventual decision – some fraudsters set up a forwarding physical address to make it difficult to track them.

Check for evidence of verification and validation by an independent third party or a regulator. Online businesses running out of the US have better credibility if they are registered with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB). If the organization is registered with the BBB, the BBB logo will prominently appear on the site. Also look for validation on the site’s security from third parties such as VeriSign, Thawte and Equifax.

Legitimate Online Business Opportunities

In order to understand better what it is all about, you should know that based on your expertise you can create a semi-passive source of income by helping people who want to open businesses in the fields you excel.

Steps to Follow

In order to create some real home based business opportunities for both, you and your potential customers, you should be able to effectively implement your ideas. To help you with this issue, the following lines offer some important details about the stages of this process.

Niche: First, you have to choose a specific niche. In order to do this, you must consider your knowledge and experience. In addition, you have to make sure that you can provide a complete support to those people who turn to you for guidance. This way, you can deliver the best home based business opportunities to your customers, thing that will definitely reflect on your business too. As an example, if you are a financial expert, you can create a members-only website for financial advisors. These people can become members of your website and specialize in different areas of the financial field, such as pension planning, life insurance, income protection and critical illness insurance.

Ideas: Once you choose your niche of expertise, you have to propose your services in a unique way. Of course, this thing actually depends pretty much on the money and time you dedicate to your new business. One of the best legitimate home based business ideas that can fit your circumstances is to suggest to your clients to use your experience and even your systems in their firms in return for money. You can set up with your clients a certain percentage that is meant to bring you a steady income or just sell the programs.

Relationship: The relationship with your clients is a very important aspect whenever you intend to create some legitimate home based business opportunities that are meant to bring you profit in the long term. You have to make sure that your services provide the most reliable guidance within the field you activate. Based on the reliability of your services, you can create a solid relationship with all your customers. Then, you need to continuously foster each relationship as this represents the only way to get the results you expect. To do this, you have to make sure that you give them exactly what they need, based on their specific requirements.

By following these steps, you are able to provide some high quality, reliable and relevant services to your clients. In time, your high quality services will become the blueprint of your members-only website, which is going to be one of the best home based businesses that work.

Online Home Business Scams

With the economy in its current state and with people still being tight on money and losing their jobs online scams are more dangerous than ever.  Despite their vast dangers scams are actually easily prevented. I’m going to go over the signs that you are potentially being scammed so you can stop it before its too late.

It’s too good to be true: If you see an ad for something that sounds too good to be true than it probably is. This is a saying that most people know but it doesn’t mean that we see an offer that good we aren’t curious. And often times we act on that curiosity. The problem is there are some “to good to be true offers” that are actually true. But how do you tell the difference? If it is an offer that you have to pay money for first or give out some vital information avoid it at all costs. Nothing is worth potentially losing all the money you have.  However, if it’s in a situation where you can e-mail the person placing the ad and talk to them about it first than I recommend that. As long as you aren’t in danger of them getting vital information there is no harm in talking to them.

Information Doesn’t Add Up: Let’s say you saw an incredible offer from an ad and you have the option to e-mail first, through craigslist for example, you need to carefully read all the details of the e-mails that are being sent to you and see if it all adds up. For example I saw an ad on craigslist for a one-bedroom apartment for $450 a month. Where I live that is unheard of so I was curious. I immediately e-mailed the person behind the ad and exchanged e-mails with them for over a week, all the while coming to the conclusion that this was a scam.

It was the little details that gave them away. They gave me the wrong zip-code over and over again despite having “lived” in the area for a number of years. Through the e-mails the address changed, it was something like 1539 at first but after driving there and informing them that what they told me would be there wasn’t the address, surprise, changed. It changed to 1511-1539 which was the address of an apartment complex. Okay, well first she said that the apartment wasn’t part of a complex. Needless to say none of the information was adding up. I even went as far as to talk to the apartment complex who told me it was a scam because they didn’t let renters rent the apartments to anyone else.  If any simple detail doesn’t add up, call them on it, and if they still can’t give you the answers you need than you know for sure it’s a scam.

They use religion and health problems to gain your trust: I’m a religious person, I have nothing against it. What I do have a problem with is when someone constantly brings up their “religion” as a means of getting my trust, it’s disrespectful to those who are actually religious. In regards to the apartment ad I used as an example above the scammer was constantly using religion to try and gain my trust. She would say things like, “I know there are a lot of scams out there but I’m a Christian so the thought of scamming someone else makes me sick”. But she kept repeating it, every time I called her on a new discrepancy I found, she kept telling me the same thing. Remember if someone feels the need to keep repeating something like that to you there has to be reason, i.e. they are lying.

If a person is using health problems, telling you their life story regarding their health problems, and constantly giving repeating how with religion they couldn’t scam you, then watch out. I find that by reading the way the e-mail is worded you can usually tell if they are lying or actually telling the truth.

They can’t meet with you first: If the person behind the ad is a few states away for business or a family reunion than tell them you will wait until you can meet them in person. If they say that isn’t possible, they need to sell the item and get the money right away than watch out. Whenever you buy something online it needs to be something you can see with your own eyes and bought from a person you can meet. Anything else screams scam. Speaking of which.

Money Transfers: Money transfers especially through companies like the Western Union are a big flashing sign that this is scam. Keep in mind Western Union itself isn’t actually a bad company, it’s just that a lot of scams are done through them. Anyway if the person you are communicating with says they want the money first and then they will send you the item, the keys to the apartment/ the car, whatever the case may be then  you know for sure this is a scam. Even if they are only asking for half the payment once you send them the money it’s gone and you won’t have anything to show for it. Craigslist itself strongly advises against money transfers.

If you feel like you are getting into a potential scam than take a good look at all of these signs and if anything seems off don’t go through with it. I would however advise you that if you are being scammed or potentially being scammed you report it. I even went as far as to tell them I was going to take the apartment so I could get their Western Union information. Simply not going through with it is great but it doesn’t stop the scammers from doing it to someone else. It just takes a few minutes to report it to Craigslist and the fraud companies.


Legitimate Work at Home Jobs and Opportunities

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