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Social marketing success is measured by the benefits of the marketing campaigns to the society rather than the financial gain or increase in sales. Social marketing seeks to educate the society on certain issues and suggesting solutions to societal problems, and not entirely promoting certain goods or services. Funds spent on social marketing cannot be recovered in financial terms, but in terms of making the lives of people better.

To ensure your social marketing success, it is important to define the aims of your campaign. What do you wish to gain from this marketing? A reduction in the number of motor accidents is increasing awareness of road safety regulations or any other. The aims must be specific enough and numeric values attached if possible; that is the only way to measure the success of the marketing successfully. For instance, the aim could be reducing road accidents by 15% by the end of the year, by doing this we can measure at the end of the year if this has been successful or not.

After defining the aims of the social marketing, you need to identify your audience. What age group should the audience encompass? Which media will be more appropriate in reaching them? The methods that will work for young people may not work for the elderly. If the audience is online, then the internet will do but if not, another method has to be found to get the message to them.

The approach to the marketing will depend on the audience. If the audiences are online and are part of social networking groups, then perhaps Facebook or twitter will be a good medium. If they love to watch photos, then you could create your campaigns as photos and tag them in. You could also use banner adverts and Google Adwords for the elderly internet users who are not part of social networking sites.

Finally, you need to analyze your methods used and results obtained and check them against the aims stated. If the aims are being met, then all is well but if not, you may need to rethink the strategy. It is also important to determine where things went wrong; maybe you are targeting the wrong audience or using the wrong methods. For instance, targeting an anti-smoking campaign at minors will not yield any results. This is because they are barred from smoking by law and so a campaign in that direction will not change anything. It is sometimes very difficult to set out the aims of the campaign, but as time goes on, the picture becomes clearer so aspects can be adjusted to fit.

Social marketing success makes society better. For example, a success in the seatbelt campaign will lead to the reduction in fatalities in road accidents, thus saving a lot of lives. In recent times, social marketing has become more effective online that anywhere else. Campaign leaders can have forums online where members can contribute their ideas on the issues and help sensitize other people. Online methods deliver messages faster than print and electronic media.

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Online Job Opportunities

With a growing number of established online job boards, logging on to these portals can do you good when it comes to optimizing employment opportunities. By understanding the latest strategies in leveraging search tools, job seekers can use them to improve their chances of finding great jobs on the internet. Here are ways to make an online job-search effort more effective. Here are some interesting ways in which job seekers can find employment opportunities online.

  1. Background Check – When you identify a posting that may be of interest to you, spend some time researching the background of the company and its directors to get information that would help you build a connection when you interact with company.
  2. Finding a Connection – You may realize that you belong to the same alma mater or are a part of the same country club or professional association. If he or she has been cited in any business news, try to mention it if it is appropriate.
  3. Using Social Media – LinkedIn is an interesting tool to use to gather more information on the business and the professionals involved.
  4. Smart Search – While you are searching of opportunities on the internet, make sure you save time by focusing on portals that post relevant jobs exclusively in your industry or area of interest. There are a number of job boards specific to the healthcare sector, IT sector or the advertising industry. You may also find boards which only consist of job postings for certain job levels and salary brackets.
  5. Posting your Resume- In addition to simply scanning job boards for relevant opportunities, make sure you post an updated resume. Database search is among the first things employers do when they have an opening at their organization.
  6. Going Through the Privacy Policy – Before you upload your profile, make sure you have gone through their privacy policy to make sure your information is secure. Make sure you provide information limited to enabling employers to get in touch with you. You can even create a special email id just for your job search initiative to avoid getting spammed in your personal email.
  7. Quality of Candidate Profile – To make sure that the job board gets in touch with you when a relevant opening is posted, it is important that you create a comprehensive candidate profile that includes vital information such as job interests, skill sets developed and salary requirements.
  8. Job Alerts and RSS feeds – Make sure you are registered on job boards to receive regular alerts on new postings that match your employment requirements. You can choose to receive these updates on a daily or a weekly basis. The more niche the website you are registered with the more accurate will be the alerts you receive.

In addition to this, make sure you are able to appropriately use filters to get accurate results for your job search. Job search results follow similar techniques as search engines to rank their pages. Understand how this works to arrive at the best possible results for yourself.

The Global Money Markets

Global Test Market is an online panel for market research. The company has been dealing with paid surveys and is provided opportunities in many countries to earn money by giving opinions about products and services. It has been operative since 1999 and claims to have over five million members worldwide.

Paid surveys could be a great way to make cash but only if it is through a legitimate source. Global Test Market is free to join like many survey paying companies and it works on a point system. Each survey a member takes, earns points in return. A total of 1000 points will provide $50 for a member. A standard survey can pay from $2 to $20.

Scams for Global Test Market

Global Test Market has also been involved in scamming events like many other online companies. Many of the members complained about not getting payments on time or at all. The company mentions the delay in their transfers but many members have either an experience of a six to eight week transfer delay or more than that.

Another point in consideration is the point expiry system. Sometimes no activity as a member for more than seven to eight months may lead to all earned points turning to zero. There can be many possible reasons for this. As surveys are sent according to the statistics of the members, some members may not qualify for a survey or the amount of surveys could be so much that it may be entering the junk mail or the spam folder of the account. But, Global Test Market also has sweepstakes offer which can earn points for members who take a pre-screening survey and do not qualify. So some incentive is paid for trying out.

Approach with Self Study

With these factors, Global Test Market might appear to be a legitimate company for some people who had trouble in retrieving what they earned, but it operates legally. It is wise however to have some self-study of the paid online surveys company first before applying for a job. Online companies are always subject to scam if they have a certain aspect of delay in their service. People can either wait for their remittance or start giving out bad reviews of the company. So it’s better to understand the procedures and time delays that are to occur.


Foreign Exchange Market

Exchange Rate is the price of one country’s currency in terms of another country’s currency; the rate at which two currencies are traded for another. It measures the number of units of one currency which exchange, in the foreign exchange market for one unit of another. In International market it is termed as Forex. Exchange rates are important because, they establish the relationships between the different currencies or monetary units of the world. Exchange rates have been instrumental in developing international trade. These have considerably increased the tempo of international investments. They provide a direct link between domestic prices of commodities and productive factors and their prices in the rest of the world. With the prices at home and abroad at a given level, a low rate of exchange will hamper imports and stimulate exports, and thereby tend to bring about a balance of payment surplus. 

Some believe speculators may be able to profit from judging the action of official organizations. Exchange rate forecasting and speculation are both closely related to the issues of the efficiency of foreign exchange markets. By efficiency we mean here the effective use of all relevant information by people buying and selling foreign exchange. After explaining the vehicles of foreign exchange speculation, the evidence on market efficiency is examined.  Then it turns to the record on forecasting exchange-rate, including a comparison of chartist versus fundamental forecasting techniques.  The record of chartists and fundamentalists is back to market efficiency, specifically to the ability to earn from speculation using simple trading rules.  It should be mentioned at the outset that opinions differ widely on the topics discussed and by no means do all finance researchers agree that abnormal speculative returns and market inefficiencies have been detected. 

Nevertheless, despite a traditional predisposition against finding abnormal returns to speculation, market inefficiencies, and chartist forecasting success, when it comes to foreign exchange markets, traditional notions face a challenge.  For example, international organizations and central banks have at times been major players in the foreign exchange market, whereas in most financial markets such as stock markets, there are generally no massive players.  When may think of foreign exchange speculators, they have an image of fabulously rich people in large limousines, wearing vested suits and making handsome profits with little regard for the ordinary citizen.  However, our initial purpose here is not to discuss the possible merits or evils of speculation, but rather to simply describe the different ways to speculate.  As we shall see, these are the same as the different ways to hedge, but when actions are taken without the offset of an underlying exposure such as a foreign-currency account receivable or payable.

Money Market

Blog Marketing For Money

Blog marketing is something that most everyone is doing that owns a blog. You are going to find that many of them are blogging for money, and many are not. The numbers really vary and depend on what you are looking at. If you are wanting a home business that consists of blog marketing, then you would be blogging for money. However, if you just have a blog that you use to write your thoughts and journal more or less, you are probably not blogging for money. Everyone blogs for a different reason.

Blog marketing to make money means that you are simply blogging for a profit. If you are going to make an amount of money that will add up to become anything, you need to be persistent, and consistent. To do so there are some things as well as techniques and tools that you must know and know how to use. Keep reading for more.

While good content is something that you will need for your blog to make money, you also want to ensure that it is original content as well. You can market a blog with something that is copied and that you do not own the rights. Plagiarism will get you in trouble with Google as well as the person that originally wrote the content. Be sure that all of your posts are ones that only you own the rights too. This is a great thing to know and do when you are marketing your blog to make money. Content is the key to successful marketing lately.

Tracking is another part of blog marketing for money that is so very important. You want to be able to track your visitors and clickers to know where they are coming from. You want to be able to tell what keywords they searched on to find your blog and where they did their searching. Doing so will help take out all of the guess work when it comes to blog marketing and making money while blogging. You will want to know what keywords are working, and which are not. So that you will know which keywords to use more of and which ones to drop.

Another thing that is important when you are blog marketing for money is to find other sites and blogs that are in the same market as yours, but not in direct competition with you to exchange links with. This will help you out a lot as well, especially if you can get some good exchanges with high authority sites. The higher the page rank of your link exchange, the better for your blog. Google and the other search engines will recognize your link exchanges, and the more the better in this case.

Blog marketing for money can be done. You just simply have to know what works and what does not. It is truly a trial and error basis. If you think you might know of a new way to market your blog the most effectively, try it! You just never know if it will work for you until you do. Then if you find something that works and works well, consider making it in to an ebook and marketing that as well. You will have the know how, it is just a matter of using it. Learn how to generate free leads and build a residual monthly income

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